À mon sujet (that's French for "attention whore")

I am many things... a bit clumsy, olfactory sense challenged, sensitive to dairy products (they tend to hurt my feelings), a slow reader, a fast learner, a lover of all things satire. 

I'm an emerging Canadian playwright - "emerging" meaning my worldwide fame is imminent. I have a day job too, until my international stardom takes hold, and I become independently wealthy. You laugh now... just wait and see...

I have the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, and two wonderful stepdaughters. Yes, I am a stepmother. Are you afraid? Well, you should be. Grrrr.... Ha! Scared ya didn't I.

I've been addicted to television and pop culture since my days in utero. I went through a brief period of literary snobbery when I refused to read anything but Hugo, Balzac and the like. I've since outgrown that phase, and my standards have plummeted. People Magazine is now considered "good" reading vs. Us or Star Magazine. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Most of my spare time is spent watching television. Since creating this blog, I now consider this "research". When in doubt, start a blog to rationalize your addictions. 

When I'm forced to leave the sweet embrace of the small screen, you can find me face planting at a yoga class (yes, this has actually happened), mountain biking, downhill skiing, rollerblading and hiking. Didn't think I had it in me, did ya? I may perfect the art of couch potato-ism but a girl's gotta keep her figure. 

I am a woman of many contradictions, or contra-indications. I can't remember.


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