Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh clothing tag, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

Why is it that clothing companies sew tags that feel like sandpaper into their clothes? This material rests against our SKIN, people. WTF? I admit it, I'm a full-fledged taggist. I hate tags and have paid the price.

Just yesterday, I went swimming in a new bikini top. I had forgotten to cut the tags off and it distracted me from fully enjoying the activity. So, once we got home, I pulled out my scissors and thought I was carefully removing the collection of multiple tags on the inside of the top. Once I was done, I looked in horror at my lovely new bikini top. I had somehow punctured it with my scissors and there was now a gaping hole where I had removed those nasty tags.

This has happened more than once. I have a lovely shirt I had to sew back together after removing a tag. If I wanted a skin exfoliant, I'd use a bath product. I wouldn't have it sewn into my clothes.

I though I'd found the mother of all sewing tools when I finally realized what some strange looking hook was for - it was a stitch remover. Ah-HA! I could safely remove tags without ruining my clothes! This will revolutionize my entire life, thought I to myself.

But not all tags are created equal. Oh no. Some are sewn right into the seam of a garment and the only choice you have is to carefully cut away what you can with a pair of scissors and hope for the best, like in the case of my bikini top, and a brand new shirt I recently bought. Except I didn't cut a hole in the shirt. I did, however, obsess about the feel of the material on my skin where I had cut the tag for, like, an entire f*cking day.

I ruined two tank tops by essentially ripping them apart to remove what was left of tags I had cut. Even the leftover tags were driving me crazy. Now there's a hole on the side of each tank, and they still feel weird. They'll be relegated to the general use household rag category. 

Perhaps my skin is ultra-sensitive and I can't tolerate what the majority of people consider normal. Would it be so hard to print washing instructions right into the material of the garment? Can't we eliminate tags altogether? Wouldn't that be good for the environment or something?

I can't tell you the utter joy I feel when putting on a tag-free garment. The softness, the smoothness... And I don't have to wreck a piece of clothing by hacking it apart to remove uncomfortable little squares of material that drive me to delirium because they're so f*cking ITCHY or they downright hurt by STABBING MY SKIN.

So, fashion world, here's a little suggestion: no more tags. Period. And if this continues, I'll start walking around naked. Ok, maybe just in my house, when no one's watching, not even my boyfriend. But it will be in protest! So THERE.


Anonymous said...

You just spoke my mind. Friggen tags must be eliminated.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

I am joining your revolution. I've experienced all the tag struggles you describe and then some. No more tags! No more tags! (pumping fist)

woven clothing labels said...

Tags are for fools! We must begin this revolution!

cataderian said...

And the tag is the only place on the garment that is, at a minimum, triple stitched with a thicker nylon thread. It is easier to tear the cloth around it than than to separate the tag from the garment. If they have to be there AT LEAST make them easily removable. And cutting the tag away does no good whatsover. You still have a portion of the tag and that nylon thread digging into and scratching areas of tender skin.

Anonymous said...

Tags are the WORST EVER!!! There needs to be a petition started ASAP.

M said...

Clothing tags be gone. At least I'm not alone in my phobia of hating them. They're itchy and some that I've experienced have been so bad I've actually had scratches left on my skin from them. They need to be banned. If an item comes with a hang tag why does there need to be one in clothing?!

Anonymous said...

I love tags especially when I'm doing doggystyle and my girlfriends tags are sticking up I grab them its so sexy for me I love the silk ones

cciurlizza said...

Tags in clothing are the worst, I even find them gross. I can't stand tags on bedsheets either. Never thought I wasn't alone! Thank you!


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