Friday, August 27, 2010

The "secret" channel

While on vacation, one's addictions do not abate. Hence, my desire to consult the channel list immediately upon arrival in our hotel room in Maine. To my horror, HBO was not listed. How could this be? I HAVE to watch True Blood. Do these people not know this? Like every addict, it's all about ME and my needs. 

After having carefully reviewed the list numerous times and still not finding any trace of HBO, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wait and watch my missed episodes on our on-demand service once we got home. Two weeks without my fix. F*ck. 

Fast forward to the following evening...

It's a Sunday night and we had just finished watching No Country for Old Men (fabulous movie - love the brothers Cohen) when we decided to channel surf before calling it a night. It's almost 10 o'clock when we fall upon none other than an episode of True Blood. "Change the channel! Change the channel!" I yell. "I can't see the ending before I've seen the episode!" Then, I had a "what the f*ck just happened?" moment. "What channel was that?"

It was channel 5. I double-checked the channel guide. It skipped from 4 to 6. HBO was the "secret" channel, privileged information, if you will. So, we decided to watch Mad Men, then return to HBO for a late viewing of True Blood (God Bless them for airing an encore on the same night). Turns out the Universe was looking out for me, in Maine at least.

I was HBO-less during our second week of vacation in Cape Cod but felt subdued by our "secret" channel discovery. One week I could live with. I could wait a few days. 

This whole incident brought to light the depth of my television obsession. I was like a diabetic in a sugar factory when we found that channel, fit to be tied, delirious with excitement, anticipating my next high which was much nearer than initially expected. 

It's not like I was waiting for my next puff off a crack pipe. Yes, this is how I rationalize it. I dare you to tell me otherwise.

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