Monday, August 30, 2010

Real TV > awards for TV

You'd think that, being a TV addict, I would be all over the Emmy awards, like Paris Hilton and her blow.

Well, you would be wrong. I did not watch the Emmys last night. We had company over for dinner, and that sufficiently distracted me from remembering they were even airing. Then, a new episode of True Blood was on. True Blood >Emmys. Followed by Mad Men. The only reminder I had that the Emmys even happened was when I looked over at the newspaper my boyfriend was reading this morning, my eyes still glazed over, trying to shake off last night's slumber.

Part of me felt like I had really dropped the ball. Me, of all people, should be watching the Emmys. But I totally bailed. Not voluntarily, mind you, but still. I felt some shame for my memory lapse. So I got all caught up today on the nominees, the winners and the losers, and was slightly dismayed by my findings.

(Note to self: I do like simply looking up the results the next day instead of subjecting myself to crappy, smarmy award shows. Must remember in future.)

So... Modern Family wins for best comedy series. Hmm. Curb Your Enthusiasm's Seinfeld non-reunion didn't clinch it? Or Nurse Jackie? Or 30 Rock? This does not sit well with me. 

Next, Mad Men wins for best drama series. I admit, I am a fan of the show. But it was up against True Blood and Dexter. There is no comparison. Mad Men = good. True Blood/Dexter = life changing, soul shattering experience. This does not sit well with me.

Where was Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter in the list of nominees for best supporting actress in a drama series? HUGE oversight. This does not sit well with me.

Edie Falco wins lead actress in a comedy series for Nurse Jackie. Yes, I agree with this. The only other contender against Edie would be Toni Collette for United States of Tara. I love my Tina Fey but Edie and Toni, they're in a category by themselves. 

Jane Lynch wins best supporting actress in a comedy series for Glee. YES. Need I say more?

A couple actors from Breaking Bad won some awards as well. I have a feeling I should start watching this show. Word on the street is it's pretty good. Must follow up.

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