Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Assis talkitis: when one talks out of one's ass to the detriment of humanity

So check this out.... Sean Avery, a notoriously bratty, pain in the ass, annoys the crap out of everyone NHL hockey player has publicly stated that he supports gay marriage and got bashed for it by some sports agent dude. 

Sean is apparently quite the fashionista, has been spotted at independent film and hip music festivals and his friends consist of artists, musicians, actresses and models. Ok, those last two are endemic to any professional athlete's life, but artists? musicians? Tres impressive. The guy has other interests besides chasing a puck around and beating up other guys on a slippery surface.

He appears in a video campaign for New Yorkers for Marriage Equality along with some other celebs. Apparently, it's quite rare for professional athletes to publicly support gay or lesbian causes. So, kudos to you Sean for having some balls and coming out, in a manner of speaking.

So this sports agent dude, Todd Reynolds, tweets that he's all against gay marriage and shit. Some excerpts from his tweets: "Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender 'marriage'". He goes on to say: "This is not hatred or bigotry towards gays. It is not intolerance in any way, shape or form. I believe we are all equal. But I believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This is my personal viewpoint. I do not hate anyone."

Umm, yeah. I don't know whether to laugh or try to find this guy and punch him in the head. Not hatred or bigotry? That's EXACTLY what it is! It's like saying people of different races shouldn't marry. WTF? 

And throwing the "sanctity" of marriage in there? Really, are you gonna keep flogging that dead horse? Would you invest in a stock with a 50% failure rate? 'Cause that's how well "marriage" is doing these days. Not great odds.

But to deny anyone the opportunity to be miserable in a crappy marriage, that ain't cool. Dude says he believes "we are all equal". Clearly, he DOES NOT. Being against gay marriage is basically saying heterosexuals are better than homosexuals and only they should have the opportunity to make their love legal. 

Frankly, if there's one group of people who don't know how to get their shit together when it comes to relationships, it's heterosexuals. So why should they get first dibs on walking down the aisle?

I think people are confusing religious dogma and reality. The truth is that marriage is a legally binding union between two people. Period. 

This whole "Oh, it's got to be between a man and a woman" bullshit has to go. It's based on some archaic religious belief that the sole purpose of marriage is to procreate. Well, the planet's already overpopulated folks. We don't need no more babies. So it's time to redefine what marriage means in the 21st Century, minus the completely irrational religious overtones.


Julie Buz. said...

"The truth is that marriage is a legally binding union between two people. Period."

WORD! It's so simple, really. I wish people could just accept the reality of it and let go of silly, silly ... whatever it is that they're clinging on to. (Principles?! Bah.) :o)

Sassy Stylings said...

Amen to that sister!


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