Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever - Part Deux

So... me, of the non-morning person persuasion, got my ass out of bed at 5 am last Friday morning to witness history in the making - the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I must say, the hour leading up to the wedding was far more exciting and interesting than the ceremony itself. It's like the arrivals on the red carpet before an awards show - way more fun than the actual awards ceremony.

Once the vows were done and yet more singing of boring hymns had begun, I felt myself fading and needing a nap before having to get up, once again, to go to work. Even the guests attending the wedding looked bored, including the bride and groom at certain moments, so I didn't feel so bad for baling halfway through the ceremony in favour of sleep.

Of course, whatever I missed I was able to catch in highlights offered by practically every news channel, and TLC, which surprisingly, had the best commentary, in my opinion. Those Say Yes to the Dress dudes were hilarious and Rupert Everett's comments on people's wedding outfits and those silly hats were spot on. He pulled no punches and I laughed heartily.

Of course, these types of events always spark a bit of an obsession with the Royal Family which television is so quick to address. We watched specials on the evolution of William and Kate's relationship, on comparisons of Diana and Kate, on how Harry is now the hot, new bachelor every girl has her eye on, despite having a long-term, on-again, off-again girlfriend.

I also did a bit of research on the question of Harry's paternity - there are persistent rumours that James Hewitt, a formerly handsome redhead and ex-lover of Diana's is actually Harry's father. 

Upon further examination of photos and articles online - a trustworthy source if  ever there was one to determine someone's paternity, I've deduced that Charles is indeed Harry's father. I used to firmly believe that Hewitt was Harry's daddy but, following my in-depth research, I'm now convinced Harry is Charles' son. It's all in the facial features which resemble Charles more than Hewitt, and apparently red hair is also a Spencer family trait.

My stepdaughter has decided that she will marry Prince Harry. I support her in this endeavour. Sure, she's 12 years younger than Harry but I can only see that as an advantage. He's a bit of a wild child and when he's finally ready to settle down, my stepdaughter will be in her prime child bearing years, able to produce a spare to the heir. And we'll get to hang with the Royals. It's a win-win situation. 

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