Monday, July 18, 2011

I should be on A&E's "Intervention"

There are times when the sheer depth of my addiction to television is exposed and I am shamed, shamed to my core. 

Yesterday, we were invited by some close friends of ours to dinner and a movie. My immediate response: "Yeah, we're down for dinner but, um, there's a new episode of True Blood airing tonight so, I think we'll skip the movie." My boyfriend then gives me a look, and kindly points out that we get True Blood on demand and can watch said episode anytime after it airs.

Good point... So I tell our friends that yes, indeed, we will join them for dinner and a movie. Then, I hang up the phone and realize what a douchebag I've become. Really? True Blood over hangin' out with friends? I mean, REALLY? I immediately felt shame welling up from the deep recesses of my cold, cold heart. How could I even think that?

So, I surrendered to the fact that I would not see the newest episode of True Blood when it aired but rather at a later date of our choosing on our On Demand service, and we would have a social life instead. 

Our outing was great fun. We decided to go to a matinee and have dinner afterwards. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie (great if you've read the books, if not, meh. It may be confusing.) We were then joined by another good friend and proceeded to have a lovely dinner at a great restaurant.

However, towards the end of dinner, my boyfriend mentions that we have a window, albeit brief, in which to get home in time for True Blood. Whaaaaa? Did he realize what he had just set in motion? I then became obsessed with the time. We had about half an hour to get back to our car, which was about a ten to fifteen minute walk away, drive home, another say, 10 minutes, throw ourselves onto the couch and turn on the TV.

We were about halfway to the parking lot, when I looked back and saw our friends walking all romantic like and, well, SLOWLY. (We were all headed towards the same parking lot.) So, I turned to my boyfriend and said: "Let's say goodbye now and make a run for it. Otherwise, we'll never make it in time." I was really thinking of my friends and not wanting to intrude on their lovely, romantic evening stroll (said the addict to herself to rationalize the fact that she's an asshole).

We said our goodbyes and, luckily, our friends have a sense of humour and are very understanding. We then turned around and started running through downtown Ottawa. There I was, dashing across city streets in high heels, determined to make it home in time. 

When I finally sat down on our couch, True Blood's theme song was playing and I was in my happy place. Once the show was over, however, I couldn't help but ask myself if I was close to hitting rock bottom. I was chasing a high like a hooker on payday. It wasn't pretty. There is definitely something wrong with me. Normal people don't act this way.


Bu said...

Yeah, I used to like True Blood, but it got kind of stupid. I mean, does everyone in that town need to be some kind of creature. We have vampires, wolves, panthers, shape shifters and witches, ferry God Mothers...My suspension of disbelief only goes so far. First season was awesome though.

Anonymous said...

I used to be like this until I met my wife and increased my family to three daughters. TIVO tapes things, there's always anotehr ball game.

But there was a time when I was an addict like you Sassy

Sassy Stylings said...

@ Bu: They could parade monkeys around in circus costumes and I would still watch it. Sad, I know.

@ Lance: must look into TIVO. I'm thinking it could change my life or worsen my addiction. Either way, I'll feel like I'm winning.


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