Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Et tu, Kristen?

Kristen Stewart has disappointed me. I saw Adventureland on the weekend and realized she was playing Bella, except it was the eighties and she was working at an amusement park. Same character, different movie. Then I realized she played the same forlorn teenager in Into the Wild. That was the first film I saw her in, and was impressed with her performance. Of course, at that time, I had nothing to compare it to. Now I do. She was the weak link in Adventureland. The supporting cast kicked ass with genuine, believable performances, and original acting choices. Kristen = yawn.

Then I realized I had my suspicions when I saw her in
Twilight. Yes, I've seen the movie, and read all four books, and plan on seeing all subsequent movies because I figure I've earned as much, having survived reading Stephenie Meyer's vampire saga. But I digress. There was a moment, an important moment in Twilight, when Bella reveals to Edward that she knows he's a vampire. It felt totally contrived. Fakey, fake, fake. I think I physically cringed. And I thought to myself: "This can't be. It's Kristen Stewart, a much touted about "up and comer"". A supposedly "talented" actress. Not so, my sassies, not so.

It pains me to think that she may be descending into the ranks of fame-whoring, talentless Hollywood trash such as the Jessica trifecta (Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba), Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc... What's even worse about Kristen is that she plays the "artiste" card: I'm a serious actor. Don't ask me stupid questions in interviews. I don't care about being famous. Whatever... If she had talent, I could tolerate that.

Kristen was recently filming a Joan Jett biopic. This will be her chance to redeem herself. I am all for second chances. I want her to succeed. Don't f*ck it up Kristen. It's Joan Jett, not Bella playing Joan Jett.

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