Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nivea needs a new creative team

It used to be, back in the day, a "happy time" consisted of copious amounts of alcohol, or a reefer and a big-ass bag of cheezies. Now however, "Happy Time" is a new body lotion from Nivea. "Happy Time"? Are you kidding me? It's like that Always pads/tampon commercial telling us to "have a happy period". A happy period? How this ever got approved by the folks at Always is beyond me. And if there were women involved in that chain of command - shame on you! Anyone who's ever had a period knows that there is no such thing as a happy period. There are mood swings, headaches, cramps, bloating and intense cravings for greasy food. Have a happy period? F*ck you! But I digress.

"Happy Time" body lotion sounds like some born-again Christian name for a product, not a creative, bold, "I want to buy this product" kind of name. I'll admit, the commercial caught my eye, but for all the wrong reasons. As soon as I saw the name of the product, I thought to myself: "What the f*ck?" I would not be caught dead with a product called "Happy Time" unless it was a vibrator. So if you're not advertising to 4-year-olds, this product line is ludicrous. As quoted from Nivea's website: "Happy Time - Smile with all your body and discover the feel-good sensation." Lame. 

Daily moisturizing does not become a sublime experience because of orange flower scented body lotion, unless you're on Ecstasy, in which case rubbing up against sandpaper might have  the same effect. 

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Lizzy Ferland said...

That's what I'll call my vibrator! Mr. Happy Time =)


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