Friday, September 25, 2009

Grey's Shit-natomy

I saw the Season 6 premiere of Grey's Anatomy last night. Jesus Christ. The melodrama was oozing out of every line, every tear shed, every predictable tug-at-your-heartstrings moment. In other words, it was shit. There are barely any vestiges left of the once funny, witty, unpredictable show I used to know. 

Two hours devoted to the death and mourning of George O'Malley? Please. T. R. Knight is the reason the show lost one of its best actors, Isaiah Washington, and its best couples - Christina and Burke. I do not mourn the passing of George O'Malley. Good riddance. Now bring back Burke, and Addison while you're at it, and the show might have a second chance at actually being good. 

McSteamy is still funny. Not once was I distracted by the thought of his naughty threesome sex tape. Why? Because his Grey's character is still interesting. 

My boyfriend couldn't even get through the whole show. It was too much bad cheese. I endured until the bitter end, and the corny voiceovers. Ugh.

Code blue at the Grey's Anatomy writers' lounge - imagination arrest.

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