Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to Sassy Stylings!

Welcome to Sassy Stylings, what will soon be a collection of my witty observations on everything from celebrity culture, to the awesomeness that is HBO, to my personal tragedy of being dairy-intolerant (a life without dairy... it's like cake without the icing, Brad without Angelina, yoga without Lululemon, but I digress).

I'll be posting daily (except on the weekends - a girl's gotta have her downtime). Here's my first post, slightly dated (early September) but entertaining nonetheless. Yes, it was already written, I'm lazy, I know... but still relevant:

Eight is enough... or is it?
Reality-star/ fame whore/ budding fashion designer (WTF?) Jon Gosselin was in Las Vegas recently to host a party at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. According to, “it wasn’t long before he was surrounded by women” and he “was spotted collecting a few phone numbers and mixing drinks for scantily dressed women”

I think I just threw up in my mouth. How f*cking DESPERATE are you for fame that you’ve become the groupie of a father of EIGHT children, who got divorced a minute ago. 

My sisters, you disappoint me. You bring shame to the sisterhood.
Is this the new standard? Some reality tv douchebag who’s decided to relive his youth because he feels he’s missed out on the fun stuff ? Because of, you know, the eight kids he had with his “controlling” ex-wife at such a tender, young age. 

Sure, he claims he’s still taking care of his kids, between the Vegas parties, and the trips to Europe and hanging out with his new BFF, designer Christian Audigier. Am I on crack? How does a suburban father turn into a fashion designer, seemingly overnight? WTF!

Jon Gosselin = Z-list celebrity who should be in therapy and NOT hosting vacuous, bikini-clad groupies at a Vegas pool party.

Ugh. I still taste vomit.

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