Monday, May 10, 2010

Aspiring fame whores take note...

I want to kick myself for having missed this amid the frenzy of NHL hockey playoffs and the haze of too much wine. I'm tickled pink that Betty White kicked some serious ass on SNL over the weekend. I had no doubt she would but the fact that an 88-year-old woman breathed new life into SNL causes me to ponder Hollywood's obsession with youth and physical appearance. Why not focus on talent and uniqueness? Ultimately, that's what matters.

Not that Betty White isn't an attractive woman. She is, and at 88 she's lookin' fabulous. But she's not some pre-fab barbie like say, Heidi Montag. And where did Heidi get the idea that her current freak show figure is something to aspire to? Of course, her plastic surgery saga could simply be a ploy to prolong her tenuous fame which is based on some crap reality show that will soon be ending. 

Betty White is the real deal and there's the difference. This dame has talent. She's interesting, charming and funny. And there's a legitimate reason she's famous. There are far fewer legit celebrities out there these days and more and more reality TV fame whores who are simply seeking to extend their 15 minutes in the spotlight much to our dismay, i.e. the latest Bachelor Jake Pavelka, Kate Gosselin, the Kardashians, etc...

To all young women out there, I would say: stop obsessing about your body and your status on the food chain. Eat well, stay active, get enough rest and be nice to your friends. If you need to obsess about something, obsess about getting a life, about developing your own unique skills and abilities. This will make you a star, wherever you are. Look at Betty White. She's rockin' it at 88. 'Nuff said.

The people have spoken. Bimbos are out. Legendary talent is in.

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