Friday, May 14, 2010

Gay actors playing it straight: fact or fiction?

The Internet is abuzz today with various parties commenting on what appears to be a homophobic article in Newsweek by columnist Ramin Setoodeh who basically stated that gay actors shouldn't play straight parts, using as a prime example Sean Hayes' performance in the current Broadway revival of Promises, Promises in which Sean plays a straight man. 

If you're wondering who Sean Hayes is, remember "Just Jack!" from Will and Grace? That's him. Of course, he was brilliant in that show as the ultra-flaming Jack McFarland. But to say that he can't play it straight after a highly successful gay part is like saying I can't play a boy after having played a high-profile female role.

There's a reason they're called actors. They act like other people, gay, straight or otherwise. Mr. Setoodeh also criticizes the Glee team for casting an openly gay actor as their new male lead. Honestly, I didn't know the dude was gay until I read about Setoodeh and his incendiary Newsweek article. Obviously, said actor plays a very convincing heterosexual.

Jane Lynch is also gay, a fact I just recently discovered. Does this change my perception of Glee's Sue Sylvester? No. Because Jane is a kick-ass actress. Sue likes men and I totally buy it. Jane also played a noteworthy part in the 40-year-old Virgin in which she, most believably, chases a piece of Steve Carrell's ass.

Also, no one's telling Tom Cruise he can't play heterosexual parts. Some commented that there are no gay actors of say, George Clooney's stature around. Umm, no one thought of Tom? So he's not out of the closet yet, big deal. Would it kill his career if he were to come out?

 He's even photographed in closets. Metaphor my ass.

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