Monday, May 31, 2010

Sex and the City 2: neutered and not so naughty

So I saw Sex and the City 2 this past weekend. I know, you're dying to find out what I thought of it because my opinion matters that much. Well, because of my high degree of self-importance, I'll tell ya. Good girl fluff, if your expectations aren't set too high. Of course, the fashion is to die for, and if I ever find out where they house the wardrobe for this franchise, I may resume my life of crime and steal some choice pieces.

Apart from that, this movie seems to perpetuate Carrie Bradshaw's completely dysfunctional love life, despite the fact that she is now married. In this second movie installment (spoiler alert!) she ends up running into Aidan, the ex-boyfriend she almost married, in a crowded market halfway across the globe. It must have happened for a reason, right? reasons Carrie. And, of course, she and Mr. Big were having marital issues before she left on her Middle Eastern girlie getaway. So.... you can kind of guess what's coming. Especially if you watched the series.

She doesn't end up sleeping with Aidan but she does kiss him. Tsk, tsk. Carrie finally ends up with Mr. Big, the man she pined for throughout six seasons of Sex and the City, the TV show, and then, when she hits a road bump in her marriage, kisses her ex-boyfriend who she cheated on with Mr. Big, who is now her husband. 

This girl needs some sense knocked into her. However, she does cop to her erratic behaviour and takes responsibility for it. But still... Will Carrie ever be happy? 

On the other hand, I really enjoyed a wonderful moment when Charlotte felt overwhelmed as the mother of two young children and stepped into a food pantry to cry. That could have been any mom, and it felt authentic. 

In the same vein, a conversation between Charlotte and Miranda about how motherhood can be a kick in the teeth, as well as very rewarding, was quite refreshing. There was none of this "your life is not complete until you've had kids" crap. They kept it real, and I quite appreciated that. 

Samantha is still Samantha, and I love her for it. The only thing I would have liked to see more of were the guys, i.e. the husbands and boyfriends. Apart from Mr. Big, who shows up fairly often, the other boys barely get any screen time which is really too bad. We didn't get to see the couples' dynamic in this movie. I love to see Charlotte and Harry, and Miranda and Steve together. There was barely a trace of the usual banter between them that made the TV show so interesting. 

All in all, a highly forgettable movie. Great fashion porn, but that's about it.  If you want to experience the real flavour of Sex and the City, and not just a cheap imitation, watch the TV series. It's far superior and much more risqué. 

Sorry girls. You were much better on the small screen.

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