Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion intervention

It all started with a simple idea. I was going to reduce the clutter in my dresser and closet by going through my clothes and donating to charity items I no longer wear. Five hours later, I had succumbed to a full-on fashion intervention by my boyfriend and step-daughter and emerged from the mall with a new wardrobe. Had TV cameras been present, yesterday afternoon would have been a What Not To Wear episode from start to finish.

Apparently, I buy clothes that are too big for me. What can I say, I guess I'm kinda shy about highlighting my assets, however displayable they may be. The only exception to this is my yoga gear. For some reason, I'm perfectly comfortable walking around in public in skin-tight Lululemons. Go figure.

As for the rest of my wardrobe... I got the waist taken in on at least a dozen pairs of pants. I thought I could save them. Some I bought at Value Village because they were brand name pants in good condition and super cheap. I didn't care if they fit, I told myself, I'd wear a belt - problem solved. Other items there was just no excuse for, like my faux-fur animal print coat. It was the shit. I thought... 

About two-thirds of my wardrobe ended up going to charity necessitating an emergency shopping trip so I'd have something to wear to work the next day. My stylist (a.k.a. step-daughter) and I hit up RW & Co., American Apparel, Smart Set and Aritzia. I am now trendier than trendy, totally ahead of the curb, hip, hop, happenin'. 

You know when you're shopping for clothes and you realize you've grown (up or out) and have to go up a size or two or three... it was like that, except in reverse. 

I had to accept that I was not a medium or a large, I was an extra, extra small. I was no longer a size 10, 11 or 12 but a 3, 4 and 5. When did this happen? I've never lost a lot of weight. I didn't go on some crazy diet. The only logical answer was that I've never actually bought clothes that fit. It was a wondrous and strange experience, one that has changed my life forever.

My story should be featured on Oprah... just sayin'.

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