Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This makes me want to give up on humanity

So this is how it works in Hollywood. I should have known. Your life is a shambles. You have ex-wives and almost ex-wives coming out of your ass, and children from various relationships to support. You were arrested on Christmas Day for attacking your wife. Turns out you're both addicts and total f*ck wads. You halt production on your hit TV show to go to rehab for unknown reasons, and your infant twin boys were floating in some parentless abyss because your wife also went to rehab.

And now they're gonna pay you $2 million f*cking dollars per episode to return to Two and a Half Men! If anything, you should have been kicked out on your keister until your life had some semblance of stability. 

But no, that's not how it works in La-La Land. It's more important to make money off a hit show than display any kind of moral backbone and cast someone else in the lead. TV series do not necessarily die when there is a major cast change. It happens all the time and shows survive, if not thrive.

Besides, Two and a Half Men is some piddly, lame sitcom. It's not a generation-defining, brilliant show like, say, Seinfeld. The fact that it's a number one sitcom disturbs me. This is what we've come to. Drivel. Charlie Sheen is not worth $2 million f*cking dollars per episode. Wow, I can't even say that without swearing. Actually, no one is worth that much. 

It simply brings to light a sick society that would rather pay a selfish ass wipe ridiculous amounts of money to "entertain" us than pay a school teacher a decent salary. F*ck you Hollywood and the dumb asses who watch your dumb ass shows, while propping up an addict. You suck.

I think I need a Valium...

And if I ever catch you in my neighbourhood, 
I'll have a few choice words for you, yes I will.

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