Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kate Plus 8 minus Jon equals FAIL

I watch bad TV. I admit it. Yeah, I'm a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan; I watch America's Next Top Model. But even I get offended by some TV shows that are SO bad, there is just no excuse. Take, for example, the return of Kate Gosselin to TLC in Kate Plus 8.

Is it just me or is this woman f*cking annoying? She's the epitome of arrogant, ignorant, smug moms. Just seeing the commercials for this show irks me. Apparently, TLC still "believes" in Kate. Really? What exactly is there to "believe" in? Since Jon and Kate Gosselin broke up, the ratings have plummeted. I guess people liked to tune in to watch Kate boss Jon around and generally treat him like shit.

Not that I'm defending Jon, who was busy in 2009, post break-up, hangin' in Europe with his new designer buddies and headlining Vegas pool parties, sans enfants. Ahem.

But now that the interactions between Jon and Kate are absent from the show, what the hell is there to watch? Kate boss her kids around? TLC must be shelling out big coin for the new season since the whole family travels to Australia for the season premiere. 

I guess they'll try anything to make this show interesting. Except that it's not, and it never will be. It's about a woman stuck with eight kids because she wasn't happy with her husband and initial set of twins (does anyone ever take into account that the planet is already overpopulated?). Jon was happy with two kids but NO... Kate wanted another one. 

Instead of heeding Mother Nature's opinion on the subject (you don't need no more kids bitch!), Kate underwent fertility treatments, and instead of keeping just one embryo (I know, that would mean having to KILL the other five) she kept all six of them. We can thank "reproductive technology" for forcing people to make those kinds of decisions in the first place.

Now Kate's afraid that if her crummy show is canceled, she'll have to get a "real" job. No shit Sherlock. Do you think your stint on TV will last forever? Did you not think about how you would support eight kids before letting six embryos take root in your womb? Apparently not. And frankly, I don't think we should be subjected to your dull, day-to-day life with your large, artificially created brood because you need to pay the bills.

If you're new to my blog, I have a whole category dedicated to "reproductive ranting" because I find this fertility treatment business to be total bullshit. We've glorified parenthood to the point where couples are strained physically and financially trying to conceive by artificial methods when natural ones don't work, and end up popping out an inordinate amount of mouths to feed. Then they're featured on Oprah.

I suspect Jon and Kate might still be together if they had just kept it to two kids, were never on television and subsequently warped by fame. And we would have been spared the travesty of Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars.

The assumption that we all aspire (or should aspire) to parenthood and are somehow failures if we don't partake in this societal dogma leads to desperate measures such as fertility treatments and overly large families who then must be put on television as a means to support themselves, leading to their eventual demise. Somehow, I don't think that's what Mother Nature intended.

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