Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

I'd like to think I'll be all nonchalant and shit about tomorrow's royal nuptials but really, who am I kidding? I'll be glued to CNN like a bitch in heat to someone's unwitting leg. It's madness, it's mayhem, it's the world gone gaga for an epic fairy tale, again.

However, this time around, I suspect the event will be much more grounded in reality than Charles and Diana's wedding 30 years ago. For one thing, William and Kate have been together for nearly a decade, and have weathered their share of storms, be it break-ups or intense paparazzi scrutiny. 

And probably most importantly, they love each other, not someone else, as in Prince Charles' case. I don't get the feeling William was pressured into anything. I think he truly loves Kate and wants to marry her, and kudos to Kate for having the balls to officially join the Royal Family. I mean, you're basically signing your life away, and agreeing to wear questionable head gear to public events. 

Crazed fans have already been camped outside Westminster Abbey for a few days now, and the media is laying siege to London like the plague. I vaguely remember Charles and Diana's wedding but I do clearly recall getting a sense that it was a momentous occasion, despite its very public and painful unraveling. 

What is it about a royal wedding, or more specifically, about the wedding of a future King of England, that has the world so entranced? Is it because it's one of those rare moments when the world comes together to celebrate a happy occasion instead of a sad or tragic one? Is it perhaps our enduring belief in fairy tales and happy endings? Or is it because it's the opposite of disaster porn, which I guess would be celebrity porn, although in Charlie Sheen's case, the two are synonymous. 

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