Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No honey, it's called Gigolos and it's a cable TV show, not porn.

The other night I had to kill some time since my boyfriend and stepdaughter were busy with non-TV related activities. So I perused my On-demand options and decided to give Showtime's Gigolos a try. I had read a brief article about the program and how it consisted of a good, honest look at this small group of upscale male prostitutes in Las Vegas.

How could I not be intrigued? 

So, I plunged in and watched the first episode. It went something like this: Ok, so far everything seems pretty normal. A camera follows these hot dudes around as they talk about their lives and their work. Oh, one of them is meeting a client. Ok, cool. That's kind of interesting. Oh holy Moses, everyone's naked and having sex, in front of the cameras. Ok, so that's how it's gonna be. Alright. I'm down with it.

The program also aptly shows the camaraderie among this group of five men, who treat each other as brothers and really have each other's back. It's sweet, and warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart. 

What I did notice after a few episodes was that the sex sequences all seemed eerily similar. The guys pound away like a hammer to a nail, and the chicks all make the same sex sounds and pretty much say the same things. I started to wonder if I was actually watching porn. 'Cause it was getting that cheesy.

I mean, the clients who somehow agreed to be on camera while having sex with male escorts (WTF?) were a pretty diverse group of women but after about three episodes, I could barely tell them apart. Once the action started, it sounded something like this, every time: Ooh, yeah, that's it, harder, ooh, oh, I'm gonna come. End scene. 

There were no crazy ass screamers or quiet, intense types. Just your standard porn soundtrack types. Except for that one who was honing her dominatrix skills. But I digress.

Then, there's this episode where one of them wants to come clean and tell his college buds about his unconventional career choice. The guys are all having a conversation about how they don't talk about what they do, and that their friends and family don't know how they make their living. Ummm, well, now you're ON TV. Secret's out boys. 

It's an intriguing premise, and I haven't quite finished watching all the episodes yet, which I plan to do, in the name of anthropological research. (You would too and you know it.) The irony is that the sex is the least interesting part of this show. The guys' individual stories are far more captivating than watching them bang yet another gal.

And finally, a note to the director(s): when it comes to those sex scenes, mix it up a bit 'cause everyone knows that porn sex isn't real sex. It's the stinky cheese of sex on tape. Go for something a little more authentic. Homemade is better than highly processed.

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