Monday, October 5, 2009

A Rant on Reproductive Ridiculousness

I was innocently looking through my People magazine when I stumbled upon this story and my cortisol levels shot through the roof... 

Couple #1: a Catholic family with three children trying to conceive a fourth via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). 

Couple #2: a family with a set of twins trying for a third child, also through IVF. 

Fertility clinic f*ck-up: transferred Couple #2's embryo into Couple #1's uterus. Result: Female from Couple #1 is carrying the baby to term, then giving it up to Couple #2, who are the child's biological parents. Both couples are devastated and totally weirded out by the whole situation.

At first glance, it seems our outrage should be directed toward the fertility clinic for their massive mistake. But I like to buck the trend. My outrage is aimed at the use of these fertility clinics in the first place. Couple #1 already had THREE kids, and they put themselves through the rigorous process of IVF to add to their brood. This is the Catholic couple who decided they couldn't go through with an abortion because of their faith. Please. If you really believed in God, you wouldn't have messed with what She gave you. When your uterus was maxed out, you should have respected that, and moved on with your life, or adopted. 

For God's sake, adopt! There are millions of orphans worldwide, and women are voluntarily choosing to stick themselves with synthetic hormones, and have embryos conceived in a petri dish implanted in their wombs. Wanting a biological child is all good and nice, but if it ain't happening, take the hint. 

You know what happens when you dabble in Mother Nature's business? You get deadbeat, trailer trash, octo-mom with 14 kids she can't possibly support without putting them on TV. Hmm... That sounds vaguely familiar. Oh yeah, like John and Kate Gosselin and their eight kids, a set of twins and sextuplets, who've been in front of a TV camera for most of their young lives. This was never meant to be the natural order of things. 

This obsession with having kids that are genetically "ours" is totally narcissistic. While children around the globe starve, millions, perhaps even billions of dollars are being spent by couples on "fertility treatments". 

We need to get over ourselves and gain a healthy respect of our biological limitations. 

Take a cue from Brad and Angelina - bloodlines do not a family make.

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