Friday, October 23, 2009

Trash and Tequila

I've been traveling lately, and that means I've had plenty of time to read smutty celeb mags which is what I do to kill time in planes, trains but not automobiles 'cause I get motion sickness. I was perusing an issue of People magazine, which isn't as repulsive as its online version for some reason... Anyway, I found two noteworthy tidbits I thought I'd mention: 1) A very witty one-liner: "It's sad when good trash goes bad." and 2) an ad for Hornitos Tequila.

1) "It's sad when good trash goes bad.": a rare display of sharp wit in a celeb rag. It caught my attention and got me reading an article on Gossip Girl which I usually would have skipped since I don't watch the show. Now that is good writing - getting a reader to take interest in an article they would have otherwise ignored. 

Kudos for the snippy saying. Of course, I'm going to steal it and claim it as my own. Don't worry people at People, I will not charge others to use it and therefore will not reap any monetary profits. It will be used solely for my personal aggrandizement. Narcissistic, you say? Duh. I'm a playwright and blogger. I write for audiences. I write to be read, loved and adored. The only reason I have a Facebook page is to make other people envious of me and my fabulous life. Is that wrong?

2) Hornitos Tequila: Now tell me that isn't the greatest name EVER for tequila. Translates easily to "Horny Toes", and here's the tag line: "The taste of Mischieve." I don't even care that "Mischieve" is misspelled. Oh wait. Maybe it's Spanish for mischief. Must check. This ad made me look twice. Actually, it stopped me dead in my tracks. For a moment, I thought it had to be a joke, an ad a la Saturday Night Live, but no, it was for real. Kudos to the company who gave their product such an unforgettable, and in this case, appropriate name. I don't drink tequila but if I see this product in the liquor store, I'm buying it, if only to be able to offer my guests a shot of Horny Toes.

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