Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The crack-cocaine of TV shows, i.e., highly addictive shit

"Workin' on my night cheese" sung to the tune of Bob Seger's "Night Moves" by none other than Liz Lemon, Tina Fey's alter ego on 30 Rock. There she was, in her Slanket, workin' on her night cheese (literally eating her way through a block of cheese). I laughed out loud. My boyfriend had missed that part, so we watched it again. It was even funnier the second time around. Tina Fey, you rock my world. 

Also of note, a new episode of Dexter on Sunday night and Californication last night. John Lithgow plays the villain in Dexter's fourth season. Who else could be more perfect than Lithgow? Maybe Christopher Walken. But I digress. As soon as I found out John Lithgow was the new baddy, I knew. It would be f*cking creepy. Not unlike the first three seasons. 

And I must say, I am continually impressed with David Duchovny in Californication. Sure, it's soft porn but the writing is to die for, and the delivery is bang on. (No pun intended.) Who knew Fox Mulder had it in him? Of course, David did end up developing a real-life sex addiction. Oh, the irony. At least the writing saves Californication from being mere gratuitous smut.   

That I have an alternative to "regular" TV makes my life. Six Feet Under is now available on the Movie Network On Demand. Loved that show the first time around. Am watching it all over again. Was reminded of when I first saw Michael C. Hall as the stuck-up, gay funeral director. Now I know him as the somewhat ethical serial killer. 

I also recently started watching the Unites States of Tara, starring Toni Collette. Love her. She totally shines in this. Interesting premise: a family living with a wife/mother who has dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). So she's mom and wife one minute, and one of three other, completely different people the next. 

Created by Diablo Cody who penned Juno. I'm so jealous. That bitch can't even be thirty yet. And look at her. F*cking brilliant. Want to be like her. Am working on a fourth draft of my latest play. Someday...

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Anonymous said...

i agree! i quite enjoy diablo cody's work.


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