Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Johnny Depp, Twilophiles and Katie's Sense of Style

Everyone's talking about it. Johnny Depp is People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, and joins Brad Pitt and George Clooney as the only ones to have been bestowed the honor twice. Apparently, Twilight fans are beside themselves that Robert Pattinson lost out to Johnny. Time to get real Twilophiles. Taylor Lautner is already overtaking Robert as the Twilight Saga Sex Symbol. Lainey's right. Let's see if Robbie can open a hit non Twilight-related movie. He's untested waters, and grungy in a "Did you take a shower this week?" kinda way. Not good.

Johnny, he just gets better with age. We know he has "it", that "je ne sais quoi". Johnny is a movie star, an actual celebrity, who has earned his way into our collective consciousness. People at People, sometimes you surprise me. Today, I didn't want to gag when perusing your website.

I read all four Twilight books, and plan to see all the movies, if only as a kind of reward for having survived reading Stephenie Meyer's drivel. I don't really expect much from the movie versions since, let's face it, they didn't have much to work with in the first place, but I can tolerate watching Taylor Lautner parade around shirtless. These are the kinds of sacrifices I'm willing to make to try and understand the Twilophiles and the crazy that motivates them, an anthropological study of sorts.

On another note, I couldn't resist sharing this with you. Make sure you scroll down to the photos and check out the white pantsuit disaster. Holy f*ck, it's bad. It's so, so bad. Katie Holmes MUST STOP designing clothes. Doesn't anyone in her close-knit circle of Scientology chaperones have the heart to tell her she blows at fashion design? Sweet Mother of God, you'd think Tom Cruise's vanity would kick in and prevent Katie from displaying such a lack of taste. I'm embarrassed for her. Also relishing in it, of course, because Katie is a faux celebrity, so shame on her for riding on Tom's coattails, and pretending to be a fashion designer. She  also pretended to be a dancer on SYTYCD. Remember that? I try not to. It still hurts.

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Anonymous said...

Taylor Lautner IS the new Rob Pattinson. Rob's not even talented. Not even close. And the hygiene issue makes it worse! though i did like his character in the book, the movies have made me a team jacob fan, simply because of the HORRIBLE rob pattinson.


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