Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kate Gosselin's attempted pity party

There wasn't much on TV last night, so I ended up watching an interview with Kate Gosselin on TLC. It was titled Kate: Her Story. Yes, it was gag inducing, asinine drivel. Why this John and Kate Gosselin have been cover material on celeb rags for months now is a mystery to me. Who the f*ck are these people, and why are they of such interest?

The best part of the whole thing was the interviewer who pulled no punches. She basically called Kate out for pimping her kids for cash. According to Kate, she had no choice. How would they have provided for the kids with her nursing and John working in IT? She claims it would have been over sooner between her and John without the show because of the stress of providing for such a large brood.

Well, here's a thought: why the f*ck would you have eight kids, not to mention having six of them all at once, if you couldn't support them? When the fertility clinic told you that six  embryos had "taken", you could have said: Hey, I'll keep one, maybe two. You already had twins! Were they not enough? Does this sound callous? Talking about human life like it's a commodity - well you two should know, that's what your family is now, a product for mass consumption. Happy? 

My grandmother had ten kids but not ALL AT ONCE. By today's standards, my grandparents were poor, but somehow managed to raise all ten kids in the absence of an audience.

The interviewer nailed it when she asked Kate how she felt about all the stories being published about her and John and, all teary-eyed, Kate claimed they were "hurtful". The interviewer's response? "Well, you're the one who put your family on TV, so basically it's no one's fault but your own." I'm paraphrasing here but you get the drift. I love it when an interview, such as this one, is free of ass-kissing. 'Cause we all know what the real deal is. Kate even blatantly admitted that the show is now their main source of income. Of course it is. 

This whole Gosselin family debacle is yet another argument against the existence of fertility clinics. It's an aberration of the natural order of things. John and Kate Gosselin are more tabloid worthy these days than Brad and Angelina. Need I say more?

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