Friday, April 30, 2010

Gorgeous babes are not immune to heartache

It's articles like this one that remind me that being a woman of average beauty will not ruin my life. Poor Halle. Married to an abuser, then divorced. Then married to a cheater and divorced again. Then shackin' up with a hot model, having a child, and now splitting up! 

Events like these always challenge my deeply-held, yet completely false, belief that beautiful people are always happy due to their generous portion of pulchritude. Although I hate to admit it, (or maybe I don't...) it makes an average girl like me feel pretty good about herself. It just goes to show that our societal beliefs are complete bullshit. Money, fame, success, beauty. These things can be fun but they aren't necessary precursors for happiness or inner peace. 

I'm beginning to think us regular schmucks have the better deal what with all the celebrity scandals and break-ups. Not that these things don't happen to us. They do, just not under the intense scrutiny of the public eye. When it happens to celebrities, it proves, yet again, that our lust for wealth, fame and beauty as a path to happiness is deeply flawed.  

Sometimes it gives me great joy to read about celebs entangled in embarrassing or sad foibles but I like Halle, despite Catwoman, and this makes me sad for her. Of course, the day that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break up, I will be leaping for joy as I will no longer be subjected to Katie's pathetic attempts at acting, singing, dancing, and fashion designing. 

Remember this white pantsuit nightmare?

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