Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy loves irony and La Lohan's words worth $1 million

Well, well, well.... The Emmy nominations are out and there was a delicious little surprise - The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien was nominated but not the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - and both were submitted for consideration. Karma's a bitch. 

Not surprisingly, Glee garnered 19 nominations. I'm kind of happy for them but my enthusiasm for this show has waned. At first, I was all "Oh my God, Glee is on! Drop everything and proceed to the television!" But by the season finale, I was like "Meh." It's fun and all but kind of empty. It's not really speaking to me anymore. Perhaps this will change during Season 2, perhaps not. The one person who keeps me coming back to this show is Jane Lynch. I think as long as she's in it, I'll keep watching, just to see what great lines they've given her, and Jane's brilliant delivery of said dialogue. 

On another note, where the hell is Weeds in all this nomination business? It's one of the most brilliant comedies on television and doesn't even get a nod? WTF? Stupid award shows. Why do I even care? It's like the Oscars. Every year, I'm incensed by someone the Academy overlooked or an Oscar that goes to someone who doesn't really deserve it. Obviously, I have all the answers and could confer all Oscars on the winners I deem appropriate, and everyone would agree with me. I'm glad we understand each other.

Next up, Lindsay Lohan will apparently be demanding at least $1 million for her first post-jail interview. Huh? That interview isn't worth 2 cents. What has Lindsay got to say that's worth that much? What kind of wisdom can she impart on us peasants that would make our lives better? 

Being an addict and getting thrown in the slammer will apparently be a bigger payday for Lindsay than any legitimate acting gig. So kids, the lesson here is: become famous, screw up your life real good with drugs and general f*ckery, get yourself thrown in jail, and boom! massive paycheck. And all this time, I thought Lindsay was just some skanky attention whore. Clever, Linds, clever.


Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Fun post!

As for La Lohan, lock her up. My patience and pity are gone. Wait.. first let her get a manicure, then lock her up!!!

Agree with you on Glee, was obsessed the first half of the season, and just entertained the latter half. My obsession moved to The Good Wife. Can't go halway on anything I guess.

Glad I found your blog, will follow(stalk) you now!

Sassy Stylings said...

I haven't seen The Good Wife but am intrigued. Perhaps I'll add it to my TV roster. There's always room for new shows!

Glad you found my blog too. Welcome!


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