Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hasselhoffs determined to matter once again

I don't know about you, but I lie awake at night wondering how David Hasselhoff's family is doing. That's why I'm sooooo glad they've got a new reality TV show on A&E about how "together" their family really is. The Hasselhoff clan is determined to "prove the tabloids wrong" because they are still very relevant. 

Their first attempt at a reality show only drew interest from the UK but this time around, it's sure to be a winner, even though youngest daughter Hayley claims "her family doesn't need to justify their lives to anyone". They don't need to but they want to. It's not that they're fame whores but.... they're fame whores.

I'm guessing big daddy Hasselhoff falling down drunk in public will make for riveting television. Hey, maybe A&E can put him on their show Intervention. It could be a cross-over episode, like they do with CSI. Why am I not a network executive? 

 Remember when I used to be cool?

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