Friday, March 25, 2011

Reasons why this will be a great weekend

Well... I got nothin'. My muse has apparently settled in for a nice, long nap. 

The only celebrity gossip that raised my ire recently was finding out that Katie no-talent, zero-charisma Holmes was cast for some TV miniseries as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, one of the MOST CHARISMATIC AND UNFORGETTABLE figures of the 20th Century. When is Hollywood gonna clue in that Katie cannot act, nor dance, nor sing to any degree that should be showcased in front of an audience. People suck.
Anyway... in the absence of inspiration, I thought I'd make a list of why this is going to be a great weekend, based on the assumption that if I lay it all out there, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Reasons why this will be a great weekend:

1 - Boyfriend is out tonight which means I can watch Three's Company on DVD while getting smashed on Vodka shots.

2 - Get to sleep in on Saturday morning until I jolt upright in bed, realize I should go to kickboxing class, decide not to go, then toss and turn as I shame myself over my innate laziness and lack of ambition. 

3 - Have meeting with theatre colleagues on Saturday afternoon to prep for upcoming awards ceremony. 

4 - Get home in time for dinner intoxicated from drinking beer at local pub during said meeting with theatre colleagues. 

5 - Contribute to my further intoxication by sharing a bottle of wine with boyfriend while watching 127 Hours, getting philosophical in my inebriated state and wondering: If an arm is cut off in the wilderness, does anybody hear?

6 - Get up at some ungodly hour on Sunday morning to go use up the last of our ski passes at Mont Tremblant.

7 - Sit in car on the way to Tremblant, semi-comatose, wondering where I am.

8 - Miraculously bounce back from hangover upon arrival at ski hill and proceed to have totally awesome day on the slopes.

9 - Chillax in outdoor hot tub and sauna following said awesome day on the slopes. 

10 - Get home, totally high on fresh air and sunshine, and proceed to medicate myself so as to forget that the following day will be a Bachelor-less Monday.

1 comment:

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Hey, that actually sounds like my weekend!

Except for 127 hours, am avoiding that one as the whole idea totally creeps me out...


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