Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gaga is gaga for fame

I came across this article on recently, and took immediate offense to Lady Gaga being compared to Bjork. I get a little peeved when people riff on Bjork for that now infamous swan dress she wore at the Oscars and have previously expressed my opinion on this. 

Bjork is a talented artist, unconcerned with garnering fame or with others' opinions of her work or her wardrobe. Her originality comes from a place of truth, its genuineness palpable. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, strikes me as someone trying desperately to remain in the limelight by mistakenly believing she's blazing a new path with her outlandishness. 

Newsflash Gaga: that path was carved out a while ago by none other than Madonna, a veritable pioneer in the art of reinvention of the self and shocking the masses with overt sexuality, an artist whose sound you eerily seemed to replicate during last Sunday's Grammy awards. 

Arriving at the Grammy ceremony in an egg, claiming she's "in incubation" before her performance, stating that she doesn't have sex because she fears her creativity will be stolen via her vagina, all these things reek of warped delusions of grandeur. Lady Gaga can actually sing, she's got the talent but it's diluted in the wake of these ridiculous stunts that only irritate rather than inspire. 

Fame is merely a by-product, something fluid and fleeting. Talent is real, concrete. If only Gaga would focus on further developing her actual musical talents and her own unique voice rather than trying to out-do the likes of Madonna and Bjork, she may be taken a little more seriously. People tire quickly of disingenuous posturing. Sure, it was fun at first, now it's just lame.


.end transmission. said...

I'll see your Madonna, and raise you Dale Bozzio. Look it up and you'll find out that Gaga is ripping off her look. In some cases it's a flat out bold faced rip off.

Sassy Stylings said...

@ .end transmission.: Holy shit. Just looked up Dale Bozzio. Am convinced now, more than ever, that there is absolutely nothing original or daring about Lady Gaga.


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