Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy one-year Blogaversary, Sassy!

Well kids, today is my one-year blogaversary. That's right, Sassy Stylings is one year old today. And what better way to celebrate than by getting my brain bark removed. It did indeed turn out to be a small piece of wood that was lodged behind my left ear, for like, a year and a half. Gross. 

Anyway, it's out now which means I may suddenly regain a vast amount of intelligence or become as dumb as a post. Who knows what happens when there's a foreign object stuck in your head for months?

And now, some reflections on blogging, after a year in the trenches:

1) Some days, you feel like your latest post is a masterpiece of comedic genius, one that even made you laugh as you wrote it. No one comments, and you're deeply hurt that not one person has recognized your amazingness.

2) Some days, you feel as if your writing is shit, and you won't amount to anything. You get many comments, feel the love of your fellow bloggers, and all is right with the world again.

3) Gaining a new follower never gets less exciting.

4) The only time I feel that my blog just doesn't measure up is when I compare it to others, instead of simply enjoying other blogs, and appreciating that each and every one is unique, including my own.

5) When I start to obsess about how many followers and readers I have is when the joy of blogging slips away. I have to regularly remind myself that I started this blog for me, as a place to keep my writing skills sharp for my playwriting. If I gain an audience along the way, it's a bonus, not a requirement.

6) My blog is in constant evolution. From the day I started it, its appearance has vastly changed, and the subject matter is subtly evolving as I find my own voice and revel in expressing it. It's always a work in progress.

7) If you do really want readers (and frankly, who doesn't - I want the bonus dammit!) than you have to do some online networking, find fellow bloggers, read other blogs, and comment on others' posts that inspire you. It's really a supportive community. So if you want to be supported, offer your support.You'll also find some super awesome blogs along the way.

8) Developing an audience takes time and patience. In our "insta-world", not becoming a blogging sensation after your first post seems like a foreign concept. However, with perseverance and dedication to creating great content, an audience you will have. If you write it, they will come. 

9) I'm much more techno-savvy than I originally thought, in my pre-blogging days.

10) If this post feels uncharacteristically sentimental for this blog, then too bad bitches! Suck it up!

Not to worry my Sassies, I can only be sappy for a very limited period of time. And.... I'm done.


Miss Nikki said...

Yay I'm the first to wish you a happy blogaversary!

I hear ya on the whole thing, every new follower is like a jolt of happiness, and the lack of comments on the posts you deem brilliant is like getting a brick thrown to your head... I'd say keep it up though...

Beta Dad said...

Happy 'versary! Your speak truth, sister.

Lady Noix De Coco said...

Happy anniversary Sassy !!xx

Sassy Stylings said...

Awww shucks... thanks you guys!

Queen said...

I'm with you on the thinking your blog is so great until you read someone elses!

Your blog is great.

Now go read mine!

Congratulations on a year... happy to have found you!

Sassy Stylings said...

@Queen: thank you for your lovely words!

I checked out your blog and became a follower via Facebook :-) Rock on sista!


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