Thursday, September 9, 2010

My new "iLife"

I'd like to think I'm hip, you know, down with the homies, up on the latest trend. But sometimes, it becomes painfully obvious that I'm a dinosaur, so to speak. Back in the days when the Internet was "new" and all the rage, I resisted. 

I still went to the library and took out those things called "books" to do research for my university essays. I scoffed at the World Wide Web. Until one day, I caved, installed a browser and got hooked up with an e-mail account. It was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And let's face it: me against the Internet? Not a chance. 

Last spring, my stepdaughter got a new iPod touch so she generously gave me her "old" iPod. I thought "Wow, that's great!" Then she went to camp for the summer and it sat on my dresser for two months, collecting dust. I'd never downloaded a song in my life, like ever. Then my stepdaughter returned from the wilderness and, for my birthday, loaded a bunch of tunes from my CD collection onto this device.

The next morning, for the first time ever, I plunked in my ear buds, turned the thing on, and started listening to my playlist. It was at this moment that I knew... it was the dawn of a new era for me. 

This tiny contraption, that I could bring anywhere with me, playing a vast array of my favorite music, was my new best friend. How had I denied myself for so long? Now I can be totally oblivious of my surroundings most of the time. Not that I wasn't before but now I have a legitimate excuse. 

Having to acknowledge others in public areas? Ha! I'm listening to my iPod, leave me alone! Noisy traffic irritating me? Ha! Drowned out by my super cool music.  Getting bored while waiting for the bus? Ha! I can play games on my iPod. Having to deal with reality? Ha! I've got my new virtual reality now.

I still haven't downloaded a song and I don't really know how iTunes works but I love the results. Maybe it's because I didn't do any of the work. It was just handed to me, fully loaded, with music I had hand picked. 

Perhaps I'll offer to pay my stepdaughter to be my music pusher. It's a win-win situation. She makes money and I don't have to learn new technology to reap its benefits. 

Oh, iPod, I'm sorry I kept you at bay for so long. Can you ever forgive the error of my ways?

Come to momma...


Miss Nikki said...

The next thing to add to your gadgets is the Kindle. Imagine a small thin object (toy) that can hold 1,500 books. And with a dictionary! A word you don't understand just highlight it and boom instant definition and no more confusion! Hey congrats, btw you are #69! Yayyyyyy!

p.s. it's time to steal the iPod touch from the step-daughter, it's WAY better!

Sassy Stylings said...

I totally planned to be #69...

Well, ok, maybe it was a "coincidence" but it suits me so well - it was meant to be :-)


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