Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post True Blood blues

Perhaps it's the grief caused by the end of True Blood's third season that made me do it. I don't know. But I've reached new lows in my TV watching habits. 

Last night, I was laughing my ass off watching Wipeout - a quality program that showcases people on giant, padded obstacle courses situated over a body of water. The comedy comes from watching these folks get pelted into the water by some giant swinging thingy or losing their footing and smacking themselves against something on their way down. 

I think my eldest stepdaughter was trying to stage an intervention when she bought me the first season of Parks and Recreation for my birthday. My suspicion is that she was attempting to counteract the effects of Bachelor Pad. Oh yes, I watched that gem of a show diligently until the season finale last Monday night. The next season of The Bachelor starts in January. It's sad that I know that and am looking forward to it. 

In my defense, we are making our way through the last season of Lost on DVD. The further in we get, the more interesting it's becoming. And dammit, I want answers! I did not come this far for nothing! And I have every intention of watching Parks and Recreation which is approved programming by my stepdaughter. 

The good news is that Season 5 of Dexter premieres on September 26. Thank God. With the end of True Blood's latest season, and a long wait until the next one, I'm feeling a dark chasm, a deep void. Of course, I can always watch it again on our On-Demand service. But it's not quite the same as new material.

Although, watching reality TV is really research for me. I have to watch it. Because I blog about it. It's an anthropological study of contemporary social mores. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And it makes me sound really smart... or something.


Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Bachelor Pad? Wipeout?

Oy, kill me now. And this is from the guy who has watched two episodes of The Golden Girls and three of The Big Bang Theory today. Yes, today.

Thumbs up on Parks and Recreation, that one is really growing on me.

Miss Nikki said...

Yeah, I hear ya, my blood needs some True Blood. AND I finally got to watch Dexter's last episode from the previous season. I was going absolutely crazy since I missed it and had to wait WAYYYY too long. And man was it worth the wait.

So... how about Bored to Death? And Weeds is dealing out some good shit now with the new season. But I betcha we'll see some really dark Dexter this year. Ooooh I'm so thrilled! I almost forgot all about Sookie and Erik!

p.s. Brahm: Betty always rocked her role in the Golden Girls! ツ

Sassy Stylings said...

@ Miss Nikki: That last episode of Dexter, Season 3, was epic. I'm counting down the days to the new season...

I haven't seen Bored to Death yet but should really check it out. We have it on our On Demand service. Unfortunately, we only get Weeds on a channel with commercials, and I just can't hack it, so we wait until it comes out on DVD. So I'm like, a year behind but I can't wait to see this new season. I love Weeds.

@ Brahm: Miss Nikki is right. Betty White kicked ass in the Golden Girls. I myself will catch an episode here and there. Those ladies, they're still awesome - and Betty White is enjoying a huge resurgence. She's like, totally hip, hop, happenin' again. Betty White rocks.


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