Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another celeb break-up rocks my world

This makes me sad. All these break-ups. I can't deal. I liked Jim and Jenny together. They were fun and seemed happy. Like their happy would last forever, or at least a really, really long time. Alas, it was not meant to be. The Hollywood couple landscape is cracking like a manic depressive off meds. It ain't pretty. Kate and Sam, Tim and Susan, Sandra and Jesse.

Although, in Sandra's case, she should kick Jesse's sorry ass to the curb. This not only hurts them, it hurts the fans as well. No one seems to think of the fans. If you're part of an A-list celebrity couple, the least you can do is think of the fans before deciding to break up. 

We are willing to make certain exceptions to this rule (yes, Sandra, we approve of you ditching your lying, cheating dirt bag of a husband, no consultation required). But apart from these few extraordinary cases where a couple dissolves amid a lurid scandal, the fans should be consulted. We made you. We have a say. A simple referendum will do. 

Your duty as a celebrity is to live the life we commoners wish we had, not embody our worst nightmares. Breaking up ain't pretty, therefore you should have our consent before you rock our fragile worlds with news of separation and divorce. Think about it. If the fans had their say...

Tom and Nicole would still be together

Katie Holmes' body would not have been snatched by L. Ron Hubbard

Brad and Jen would still be together

 and Brad would not be in this fine situation... yeah, he looks happy.

Do not underestimate the fans. We know what is best for you, and can help you avoid making rash, irresponsible decisions that can only lead to no good. You're a celebrity. You can't be trusted. Leave the important decisions up to us, and you'll be a winner, any way you slice it.


Melody said...

We are as one mind in this, except that I still prefer Angelina over Jennifer, who never did it for me.

I always thought Tim Robbins looked like a loaf of white bread, but he seemed like nice bread.

I didn't care, but I thought Mel Gibson had a strong relationship.

Some of them are still too painful to talk about, but, again, I'm with you. I want to be consulted.

I think Sandra Bullock knew at the Oscars. She looked so beautiful, but her eyes...she looked shell shocked.

I like your style. I shall return!

Sassy Stylings said...

I understand your preference of Angelina over Jennifer. Jen's really getting on my nerves these days with her desperateness to remain relevant.

I forgot about Mel Gibson... good one.

I shall re-examine Sandra's Oscar photos. You could be right. So sad.


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