Monday, April 26, 2010

La Lohan loses again

You know, this doesn't even feel like news, it's so self-evident. La Lohan was recently dropped from an upcoming film project due to the financial backers' uneasiness about her questionable revenue-generating status. I've beat up plenty on La Lohan in the past, and apparently, for good reason. 

She's also been banned from an L.A. night club for throwing a glass at Samantha Ronson's head. Dude. Really? It's not her fault you've now become a joke. My guess is that Twitter is the only thing comforting Lindsay these days and feeding her delusions of relevancy. 

I believe, at this juncture, that it would be appropriate to give up on Lindsay Lohan. I've given her the benefit of the doubt and sound advice which, obviously, she has not heeded. So, f*ck you Lindsay. It's time for you and your "I used to be a semi-talented actress but now I'm a coked-up has-been" pathetic life to go away. I have no pity left for you anymore, nor any tolerance. Buh-bye. 

Look at this cutie-pie. So full of promise.

You were on your way to hitting it big...

Until your drug-ravaged face 
was showcased in this lovely mug shot. 

Have you thought about a career in office administration, or perhaps horticulture?

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