Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra... Oh!

Holy sheep shit Batman! These are the kind of days a gossip hound like me waits for. The ones offering "the big reveal" or the "world exclusive". The kind of day when I open up and say "Holy shit!". I live for days like this. 

Oh Sandy... such bliss mixed with retched heartache. Today, news of Sandra Bullock's impending divorce and... wait for it... new adopted child! spread across the gossipsphere like an STD in an old age home. (Come on, you know they do it. It's like living in a university dorm, except they're 90 instead of 18.)

Sandra astutely played her PR cards. She comes back to the spotlight as a new mom (yes, she was a stepmother to Jesse's kids, but this is the icing on that cake) and confirms that yes, indeed, she has filed for divorce from her philandering loser of a husband.

The public was already on her side but now, the tidal wave of good will towards this wronged wife will completely engulf her and her immediate surroundings for months to come. And people will hate Jesse even more for adopting a child with Sandra while cheating on her, for sucking the celebratory vibe out of her Oscar win way too soon (that shit should be reverberating for at least a year) and for generally being a f*cking douchebag. Yes, all is as it should be. Sandra adored and Jesse scorned.

Click here for more info and a pic of Sandra's adorable son Louis.

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