Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Hef to the rescue!

Leave it to Hef to come to the rescue of a Hollywood landmark. This impressed me. Actually, Hugh Hefner has always impressed me. He is one of very few who blazed his own trail, and made his own unique impression on our collective consciousness. 

In an era of deception, with Tiger Woods and Jesse James being the latest offenders, there is no doubt as to who the Hef is. He makes no apologies. He also does not deceive. 

In the wake of the Jesse James scandal, Hugh weighed in, stating that yes indeed, what Jesse James did was wrong. This coming from Hugh Hefner, you ask? The Godfather of the Playboy legacy? As Hugh put it: Jesse done wrong because he lied and deliberately deceived Sandra. In Hugh's case, a woman knows what she's getting into. He's not monogamous, and he says so. There is no deception. Go Hef.

And now he's plunked down $900,000 to save a piece of land containing a historic landmark. This dude is the shit. He's also looking pretty fab at 84 which means he's doing something right. 

Despite his many detractors, Hugh Hefner is a visionary, one who was bold enough to think outside the box in a time when conformity was fed to a post-war population aching for some sense of security. Playboy is not only a household name but an American legacy, one that has left an indelible mark on mass culture. 

Thanks Hef. Lala land wouldn't be the same without it.

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