Friday, June 4, 2010

Today I'm a crusty bitch - part deux

Kristen Stewart is publicly apologizing for likening fame to rape, calling it an "enormous mistake". No shit Sherlock. Comparing an incredibly successful career (despite her lack of talent) to an unimaginably violent act is to belittle victims of actual rape. Having a camera shoved in your face is not the same as being forced to have sex with someone, or something, for that matter. 

Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have this sickening habit of portraying themselves as misunderstood "artistes" who just hate the limelight because it's so traumatic. Like I mentioned in my previous post, if it's so difficult, get out of the spotlight or stop complaining about it. I suspect they secretly love it because deep down they're incredibly insecure and all the attention pumps up their fragile egos.

I've also noticed that it's usually the most talented actors who purposely stay out of the public eye because it's about the work, not their image. Sure, they reappear every once in a while to promote a film but that's about it. 

The ones who tend to constantly be fodder for gossip rags are usually reality TV fame whores or talentless hacks posing as actors who happen to be in schloppy movies that are only popular because of an insane fan base, such as the Twilight franchise. I mean, let's face it, these movies suck. Mostly because they're based on books that equally sucked. Yes, I read all four books so I can say that. 

An apology is nice and all, but acting like some ungrateful, spoiled brat when you're raking in the dough while two thirds of the world is starving smacks of bad taste. It reflects this sense of entitlement so endemic to this new generation. 

Go to some impoverished corner of the world for a while and see how the other half lives. Maybe a camera in the face won't seem so bad after you've witnessed abject poverty. 

Suck it up princess.

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