Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My girl crush ignites once again

Oh Tina. Last night, I was reminded of your brilliance. We hadn't watched 30 Rock in almost a year, since we only watch it on DVD. The fourth season was sitting there, by the TV, still in its shiny, plastic wrapping. After about an hour spent perusing the movies available on our On Demand service, and deciding that we had no desire to watch any of them, I said" "Hey, we've got Season 4 of 30 Rock!".

So I tore off the plastic, and plunked the first disc into our DVD player. And then all we had to do was sit back and enjoy. Damn, that show is good. It's better than good. It's so freakin' clever. Even after three seasons, it still astounds me how talented and funny and smart Tina Fey is. Yeah, I have a girl crush. Someday, we'll be BFFLs. I just know it. 

I'll probably meet Tina at my first Broadway opening. I'm guessing it'll go something like this:

Tina: I loved your show.

Me: OMG! Tina Fey! I'm like, you're biggest fan!

Tina: Ahh, that's so sweet.

Me: I've seen all the 30 Rock seasons, and Date Night, and Baby Momma. You are like, so awesome!

Tina: Thanks, that's really nice.

Me: I've always known we were meant to be BFFLs.

Tina: BFFLs?

Me: Best friends for life. It's our destiny.

Tina: Right. Umm, it was very nice meeting you. Good luck with the show.

Me: Listen, we should totally do lunch. I'm sure we'll have tons to talk about.

Tina: Yeah, I have to go. I'm sure I'll see you around.

Me: Why don't we schedule it now, you know, since we're both here.

Tina: I'm really not sure when I'm available. I'll need to ask my assistant.

Me: Oh, ok. Well, let's have a drink now! We should totally work on a project together, you know, as co-writers, especially since we're like, soul sisters.

Tina: That.... would be.... interesting. 

Me: Wouldn't it! I know! It's like we were destined to work together!

Tina: Sure... Listen, I have to go. 

Me: Oh, right. You probably have an early morning tomorrow.

Tina: Exactly. Early morning. You know how it is.

Me: I do, Tina, I do.

Tina: Ok... then... you'll have to let go of my arm.

Me: OMG! Am I holding your arm? I didn't even notice!

Tina: That's ok, I did.

Me: Right. Hey, what's your number? I'll put it in my phone.

Tina: Do you have a business card?

Me: Of course! Here you go. All my numbers are on there.

Tina: Great! Thanks. See ya.

Me: See ya! Call me! It's destiny!

(Tina hastily exits and calls the police.)


Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

I love Tina too!

She is going to be my pretend wife, cuz Jon Stewart is my pretend husband.

Love them both!!!Yep is confusing that way...

Sassy Stylings said...

A Tina and Jon combo would be mind blowing. I totally understand :-)


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