Monday, October 11, 2010

Operation Rescue Burberry Sunglasses

There are very few things I own that would cause me to emotionally break down if I lost them. My Burberry sunglasses are one of those precious items. 

A few days ago, as I reached for the case (covered in signature Burberry plaid fabric), and popped it open, my heart sank faster than a mob hit in the Hudson River. The case was empty. I had "misplaced" my cherished sunglasses. HOLY F*CK.

It's not only that I'm superficial and that these sunglasses are a prized status symbol; they are also imbued with emotional memory. I bought them when my boyfriend and I were on our first vacation together in Del Mar, California. 

Also, living in Canada, when someone asks where I got my fabulous shades, being able to tell them "California" makes me sound totally cool.

So, here I am, in a state of desperation and panic. Where the hell did I leave them? I retrace my steps from the previous day, and realize I've left my sunglasses at a yoga studio where I'd taken a class. 

As I walk into our kitchen and share my tale of woe, my boyfriend conveys to me the importance of finding and retrieving the sunglasses. If anything, because they were f*cking expensive. 

We need a plan. So, he hops on the Internet, where we take a look at the yoga studio's schedule and try to figure out when someone will be there next. Then, we enact Operation Rescue Burberry Sunglasses. 

As it so happens, there's a class at 10 am that morning. Someone will be there by 9:30 for sure. So, the plan is to head to the yoga studio, retrieve said glasses, and drop me off at work, almost on time. 

We get to the studio a little early and the entrance door is still locked. So, we decide to case the joint to see if we can spot my glasses. It briefly dawns on me that this may appear to the neighbours as highly questionable behaviour. But whatever, we're on a mission, and dammit, no one's gonna get in my way.

And then, oh sweet Mother of God, my boyfriend spotted them, sitting on a desk. Someone had put them there for safekeeping. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. 

Shortly thereafter, a teacher arrived for the upcoming class and unlocked the door. Moments later, I was reunited with my Burberry sunglasses, and all was right with the world. 

 Do I not rock those shades? Or maybe they rock me.

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