Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Errant ramblings of a morose mind

Today, I am decidedly uninspired. I really have nothing to say about the fact that Charlie Sheen was found drunk, naked and angry in an NYC hotel room. What's new? And they're paying this guy 2 million f*cking dollars an episode... whatever. I cannot dwell on this. I will get bitter. So, I thought I'd ramble aimlessly about a couple highlights of an otherwise uneventful week.

I have tasted the nectar, now there's no turning back...

My boyfriend and I were in a Future Shop or a Best Buy, or, you know, one of those big box electronics stores this past weekend to get a new router for our wireless internet at home. As soon as I walked in, I turned to him and said: "Um, I'll be over there." "Over there" was the iPod section. 

Before I had an iPod, which I only very recently acquired, I could not have cared less about the newest "i" products. But I dipped my toe in the pool, I drank the Kool Aid. There's no turning back. I picked up a demo iPod Touch and reverted to an infant discovering its own toes, reeling from overwhelming wonderment. 

"I want an iPod Touch for Christmas" were the first words out of my mouth when I found my boyfriend in the computer section. That deep, dark abyss of "I WANT" opened its gaping jaws and I gladly jumped in. I doubt there's any hope of escape.

When feeling stressed and generally antagonistic, go to Nordic baths 

There's this wonderful Nordic bath spa just outside Ottawa that we go to about once a year, although we always tell ourselves we should go more often. What are Nordic baths, you ask? Well, it's a succession of very hot, very cold, then temperate. 

For example, first you go sit in a steam room or dry sauna, then you run through a freakin' cold waterfall, take a dip in a cold pool and shock the shit out of your system; then you go rest in a normal temperature room or outside by a cozy fire. You then repeat the whole cycle about three or four times.

It was something we wanted to do for our anniversary and it was well timed. I've been feeling generally bitter these last few days. Not sure why, it comes in waves. I'll be fine for a few weeks, all gung ho on my The Secret positivity. Then, I'll crash and burn and get annoyed by anyone who crosses my path. Me: "Hey you! Over there, smiling, lookin' all happy and shit. Yeah, you! F*ck off!" You get the idea.

Well, going to this place is like a sucker punch from a Zen master. You WILL relax. This combination of hot/cold/temperate miraculously forces your tense body into relaxation and you get your groove back, for a while anyway. 

After only an initial 10 minutes in the steam room, I was all like "F*ckin' A, man. Oh, look at you, pretty little leaf, gently falling from a tree. You and me, we are One, man, we are One." Did I mention this spa is outdoors?

Anyway, my hostility has subsided somewhat, for today. Doin' some yoga after work tonight. That should buy me a couple of hours before I sink into another "menace to society" state.

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