Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jennifer Aniston is happy! She really, really is! Really!

"Fun, Flirty & 40!" Jennifer Aniston is, once again, gracing the latest cover of People magazine. It's an improvement on Kate Gosselin's hair extensions but still... It reeks of desperation.

With phrases like: "Happier and hotter than ever, she's loving the single life", you know the opposite is true. You know Jennifer desperately wants to settle down, find "the one", have babies, and try to catch up to her ex whose progeny has grown impressively since their divorce and his liaison with Angelina Jolie.

If Jennifer would stop dating loser lotharios like John Mayer and Gerard Butler, she might have a chance at fulfilling her true longings. So far, her track record for judiciously choosing a male mate is woefully lacking. 

Sure, she's rich and beautiful and has a personal chef prepare fabulous, healthy meals for her friends (a fact that has also been shoved in our faces to prove she's happy) but one cannot help but feel sorry for her. 

Not because she's single but because we know she doesn't want to be. Hence all the hooting and hollering about her "wonderful" single life. If she was truly content with the status quo, she wouldn't feel the need to constantly reaffirm that she's happy. We get it already. 

Instead of trying to convince us she's satisfied with her life, Jennifer may want to focus on making a good movie for a change. That's something that hasn't happened in a while. 

She needs to dig herself out of this rom-com shit hole she's fallen into and do something different, something daring. I think Jen's got the acting chops to pull it off. She's just not trying these days. I guess that's because her energies are focused elsewhere.

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