Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mediocrity for the masses

My boyfriend and I were in line at the grocery store when I noticed an article on the cover of Hello! Canada describing Elisabetta Canalis as the woman who may have "tamed" George Clooney. Why does George need to be "tamed"? Again with the marriage bullshit. 

George is a successful, talented, and seemingly happy guy. If he wants to remain single for the rest of his life and continue dating beautiful women, what the hell is wrong with that? Have we learned nothing from the Tiger Woods debacle?

On another note, I watched the MuchMusic video countdown the other night with my step-daughter. For my non-Canadian readers, MuchMusic is Canada's version of MTV. I haven't watched the countdown in at least a decade. Back in the day, I was a huge MuchMusic fan. Watched it all the time. It was cutting edge.

Sweet mother of God. What has happened to the music industry? I watched video after video that looked the same and sounded the same. They fell into one of two categories: generic techno beat to rap lyrics or candy ass melodrama. 

It was so bad, I think I would have rather poked needles in my eyes - it would have been more fun. Even the hoochy dance moves were the same - required shot of round booty gyrating in your face while male pimp-like singer croons about gettin' some.

Then there was Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber. Their videos were so completely sappy and unoriginal, I was beside myself. They were so fifteen years ago - recycled crap. And this Justin kid looks like he's ten. I don't buy it.

Is this the death of originality and risk? The studio's lame mass marketing versus the artist's vision? If that's the case, then lame mass marketing is winning this one, hands down - an assembly line of unimaginative pop music. 

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