Friday, January 22, 2010

Montag muses on mortality

I'm tired these days, so tired. I think I'm supposed to be hibernating. But I came across this gem, and my spirits were lifted. Best article title ever: "Heidi Montag tries to move her face, can't". LOVE it. You must watch the video. The Access Hollywood clip is the pièce de résistance: dramatic music, shot of dark, ominous hospital hallway, like she was the victim of some kind of tragic accident. Please. 

Then there's the interview. Heidi says so many stupid things, I don't even know where to start. Kudos to Billy Bush for trying to be professional. You can tell he's thinking she's a total wingnut. 

I had no idea Heidi was a "vocal" Christian either. Sweet Jesus. Billy made a good point: isn't all this plastic surgery basically a rejection of what God gave her? Her answer: she thinks perhaps it's a gift from God, given her chosen profession. Of what, fame whore? 

Like, oh my God, she almost died. And she like, can't really move her face yet 'cause it's still healing. Her doctor was upset she "unveiled" her face so soon since apparently, it's still a little swollen and doesn't yet reflect the final outcome of the surgeries. Does he mean that, eventually, she'll be able to move it?

This idiocy, it kills me. It's killing Billy Bush too.

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