Friday, January 15, 2010

NBC execs acting like wankers... again

Note to Jay Leno: if you want to retire, than retire. Don't stick around to host some shmucky talk show that will now be displacing one of TV's longest running programs. 

Yeah, Conan got a raw deal. Imagine if they'd canceled Seinfeld after Season 3. It was actually during Season 4 that the show really found its audience and catapulted to fame. That's what NBC is doing to Conan O'Brien. He's only had a mere seven months as host of The Tonight Show. Give the guy a chance!

F*cking NBC. They screwed Letterman over royally as well. Remember that? Everyone expected David Letterman to take over The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson but no, NBC gave it to Jay Leno. I have nothing against Jay but the whole thing smelled of deceit. 

Then David astutely changed networks, and now has a long-running, wildly successful late night talk show on CBS. Does NBC like to shoot itself in the foot? So you're having some ratings issues. Is that an excuse to act like total dumbasses? Be smart about this, not hasty to react and make shockingly unwise decisions that put you in a very bad light.

Apparently, Conan is refusing to comply and his departure from The Tonight Show is imminent. Can you blame him? I'd probably do the same thing. If Leno wanted to stay on television, then why not keep hosting The Tonight Show until he was ready to retire for good. He can always do standup if he misses showbiz. 

The fact that NBC gave Leno a prime-time lame-ass talk show makes no sense to me. And that they're now f*cking around with his successor to keep him and his shitty show on the air smacks of faithlessness toward long-time, dedicated employees. If history repeats itself, as it is prone to do when TV executives don't learn from their mistakes, Conan will land on another network and soon overshadow his predecessor. Karma's a bitch.

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