Monday, February 8, 2010

Brangelina suing over split story

Brangelina is suing News of the World, the British tabloid rag responsible for "breaking" the news about their apparently fictitious split. 

And yet, I'm still not convinced. My instincts are telling me otherwise. Sure, they could be together for a long while yet. They have a brand to protect. But a true companionship? Doubtful. 

I saw photos of them at the Directors' Guild awards. Something is definitely amiss. They didn't walk the carpet together. Jolie was a "surprise" guest. They're not going to the Oscars due to "scheduling conflicts". Whatever. This is a business deal, not a relationship. 

Brad, who used to look fresh-faced and upbeat, now looks resigned and haggard. Much older than his 46 years. You can bet Angelina's crazy is wearing him down. And it shows. Let's face it, the kids are the glue holding this thing together. If it weren't for them, these two wouldn't be an item anymore. 

I'm sure it's the only reason Katie is still with Tom. You can read it on her face: "What have I done? I married a religious zealot and procreated with him. I'm f*cked." She too looked carefree and happy, once upon a time. Now she dresses like ass, and looks like she's being held against her will.

Some celebrity pairings are not couples, they're a trademark. That's why they're saving face and sticking it out.  But the cracks, they're showing. It's just a matter of time before Katie tries to make a run for it and Angelina's lustre wears off.

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