Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Commercial-ridden TV is so passé

It's the newer version of "video killed the radio star". "DVD killed the TV watching star". 

The premiere of the final season of Lost aired last night. Back in the day, I would have counted down the hours, made the popcorn, taken my place under my faux-fur blanket on the couch and savored this momentous occasion. However, with the advent of DVDs, this is no longer the case.

I shunned the premiere on "regular" TV, with those pesky commercials. I chose to wait until the DVD comes out, when I can watch it like a food addict gorging on a box of Ho-Ho's - without interruption. I did the same with Weeds

Sure, you wait a few months after the season is done airing but it is so worth it. Unless a series is on The Movie Network or HBO. That's different. There are no commercials. However, in this case, there is a  week-long wait between episodes and sometimes long waits between seasons. But their shows are so good, you wait, without protest.

Call me spoiled but I blame DVDs and specialty cable channels. Who the hell wants to watch TV with commercials if you don't have to? Especially when it comes to your favorite shows?  

I say we do away with commercials all together. They suck. Everyone can agree on that. Sure, they're a major source of revenue for TV networks, but come on people, let's get creative and think of other, less annoying ways to sell products and make television profitable.

Now, when I've exhausted my options on DVD or specialty cable channels, I've been forced to dumb down my television viewing. Why, you ask? Because network television has gotten that bad. And I'm a TV addict. 

Sure, I could do something more productive with my time, but why? I'm now thoroughly enmeshed in the latest season of The Bachelor (quelle horreur!), Dragon's Den and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

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