Thursday, March 18, 2010

Achy-breaky heart - Part Deux

My dearest Sassies, I am beside myself. The heartache continues, and worsens. 

First up: Sandra Bullock has moved out of the home she shares with Jesse James and she abruptly pulled out of an appearance at the London premiere of her movie The Blind Side. This does not bode well. 

These are not the actions of two people who are the victims of vicious rumours (note Brangelina's extreme togetherness since rumours of their split appeared). No, this is something different. This is what happens when there is truth to insinuation.

Jesse James, you f*cking douchebag. Seriously? I mean, seriously? I am shocked and dismayed. Unless Sandra's hiding some serious crazy that only Jesse knows about, there is no excuse for this. Even then, if you're miserable, get out before you stick your dick in someone else's vagina. Is that such a difficult concept to grasp? Man up, have some balls for Christ's sake. Don't go lurking around outside your marriage while your wife is away filming the movie that would ultimately win her the Oscar. 

Oh, the irony. My heart aches for Sandra. 

 Dude, really? Fake boobs and tattoos over gorgeossity? Loser.

Next: alleged reasons why Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes broke up. According to, they simply grew apart because Sam is a workaholic. Other reports state that Kate's career was to blame. However, the most disturbing is this report from the Daily Mail stating that another woman, actress Rebecca Hall is to blame. 



Shhh. I think I can hear my heart breaking... all over again! A double whammy in one week - I can't deal, man. It's too much. What is going on? Has Hollywood always been this fickle? Listen to me, what am I saying... of course it has. It's just so much more painful when it's happening to people you deeply admire, and not to skanks and twats like Pamela Anderson or Tori Spelling.

No, this is different. This shakes up my world, and not in a "oohhh, it vibrates" kind of way but in a "I think I heard the earth crack" kind of way. Perhaps I'm being a tad melodramatic but a girl's gotta channel her agony somehow. If not this, then indiscriminate shoe buying, and that can only lead to no good.

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