Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor chooses lust over love

VIENNA!!!! Jake, you dumbass! If you haven't been following The Bachelor, and I cannot possibly fault you if you haven't, the season finale aired last night and Jake, the bachelor, chose Vienna, the skanky ho over Tenley, a perfect match.

He claimed something was missing in his relationship with Tenley, something on the physical level but he was never specific. Why? Because Jake is a gentleman and wouldn't have put it this way: I want to f*ck Vienna silly. She brings out the bad boy in me, and makes me want to do dirty, dirty things.

Jake himself claimed that he always dated women he was physically attracted to and then it fizzled out after a year or so. He felt an emotional connection with Tenley which was something new for him and probably scared him off. 

I like Jake, he seems like a stand-up guy but he's totally perpetuating his past behaviour and rest assured, whatever it is he has with Vienna won't last long. He was thinking with his penis, and not much else.

Perhaps he was trying to break his image of being "too perfect" by choosing the girl everyone loved to hate, by throwing caution to the wind. That's something you do if the end result is a one-night stand, not a life-long commitment.

Vienna may have her good qualities but she and Jake aren't compatible, not like he and Tenley are. Dumb, dumb, dumb Jake. 

Why do I watch these shows when they only end in disappointment. I feel like I invested so much in watching Jake's dating adventures unfold that the least he could do for his loyal fans is pick the right girl! Damn you reality TV! You burn me every time!

One of Jake's final four picks will now be the new Bachelorette - Ali, the one who left The Bachelor because she would lose her job if she stayed. Guess she doesn't care about the job so much anymore. The Bachelorette will start airing in May. 

And you know I'll be watching... 'cause I'm a sucker for punishment.

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