Monday, March 15, 2010

My achy-breaky heart

I am shocked and saddened. There are some celebrities that I truly do like, some I would want to invite over for dinner because they're the shit - assuming celebrities would want to come over to a total stranger's house. These are two such celebrities, and that they're breaking up breaks my heart. 

And it was reported by the BBC, so you know it's official. This ain't no Brangelina break-up rumour. This is fo' reals. Kate, she's on my girl crush list. Ridiculously talented and totally hot. And Sam... Sam directed one of my favorite movies of all time: American Beauty

It hurts just to look at this picture...

Sometimes, these break-ups, they wound. I get invested in the relationship, and then... It's like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon; Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (before I knew Tom was a cult icon). These super couples, you think they're gonna last forever. And then they don't. Sadness. 

Of course, knowing Tom's religious zealousness, I can understand why he and Nicole didn't work out. Nicole is sane (I think). As for Tim and Susan, it's still unclear. No one seems to know for sure. And, of course, it's none of our business, really. 

But I still want to know. 

Tom and Nicole in happier days (when he seemed normal) 

Tim and Susan, back in the day (man, she looks hot in this photo)

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