Friday, March 26, 2010

Biting the hand that feeds you

Chloe Sevigny has been dissin' her show, Big Love, calling the last season "awful" and "far-fetched". Kind of reminds me of Katherine Heigl who was bad mouthin' the writers of Grey's Anatomy a few years ago for providing her character Izzie with weak material unworthy of an Emmy nod. 

I have mixed feelings about these types of comments. On one hand, Katherine had a point. Grey's turned to shit in Season 4 and has never recovered. But as an actor on the show, do you bite the hand that feeds you and acknowledge what everyone else knows already?

I don't watch Big Love, so it's tough to say if Chloe's comments were justified. It's definitely a grey area. Although, she kinda dragged her two co-stars into the conversation saying they were also unhappy with the latest season' s storyline. Now that's a no-no. Bitch all you want but don't involve your sistas. If they want to speak out, they will. But they're probably smart enough not to. 

I'm thinkin' if you're on a hit show, keep your mouth shut. The writers pretty much determine what happens to your character. So if you don't want to become a bit player with an asinine storyline, play the part of grateful working actor. Things could be worse. You could be on Dancing With the Stars.

As for Heigl, she has Anistonnitis. She was a big TV star, then started making shitty rom-coms, playing Izzie in all of them. Good for you! You can only play ONE character! If you can't act fo' shit, as Heigl has so far demonstrated since attempting to play characters other than Izzie, don't be dissin' the writers. Maybe they saw the cracks in your "talented actress" masque, and gave you crap material because they thought that's all you could handle. Just sayin'.

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